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Dance Dance Revolution Metal Dance Pad: Get It Here!

Dance Dance Revolution Metal Dance Pad: Get It Here!

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Looking for the hottest in Dance Dance revolution metal dance pads? You can get metal and foam DDR dance pads along with the the video games ddr max, DDR max2, dance revolution ultramix and more!

Matrix pad is the most recent innovated equipment for all dance dance revolution fans. This is a beautifully designed and well engineered DDR dance pad. Solid and responsive arrows gives you brilliant response and remarkable game play.

Don't settle for less when practicing your moves on DDR. Matrix metal pad will give you the Dance Dance Revolution gaming experience from the arcade to home. Now you can enhance your DDR game skills in the comfort of your own room and show them off when you step into the arcade.

With this package you are all setup to experience an even more comfortable Dance Dance Revolution variety of game play at home with these uniquely designed pads! Minimum setup & plug in the Dance Dance Revolution metal Dance pads and start!

Who would have thought DDR couldn't get any better? You must try it to believe it! Matrix metal pad and Matrix Arcade Metal Pad are the best metal dance pads ever formed and the quality is superb!

Intec's colorful, durable mat enables you to play dancing games--such as Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix--just like you would at the arcade. It makes gaming into a remarkable workout routine, plus it folds up for easy storage when you aren't using it. This mat has an extra long 10ft.

The new pad has non-slip grip, thicker padding and light up features. This Dance Dance Revolution metal dance pad will succeed on carpet or hard floor. The whole dance dance revolution platform frame is metal, and weighs about 40 lbs.

The RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad buttons and sensors are arcade sized, bridging the difference so that you can achieve regularity in your game whether you're playing at the arcade or at home with soft pads. If you're playing for max combos or trying to do perfect attack, you'll need the RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad.

Dance Dance Revolution metal dance pad lets you create a dance floor anywhere. .4 GHZ lets you play up to 30 ft away. Put your best moves to the test with the non-slip dance mat thats fun for all ages.

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